Port Royal Kingston Jamaica Tour

$200 / Per person


Port Royal Kingston is yet another one of Jamaica’s most beautiful vacation spots that is currently being renovated into a famous tourist attraction. Situated in Kingston, it is an old pirate haunt notorious in its day for residents’ sticky fingers and loose morals.

The Port used to be one of the busiest ports within the Caribbean and has experienced its fair share of natural disasters, such as the earthquake of 1692. This tragedy submerged around ninety percent of the town in water. Since then, various artifacts have been recovered from the harbor.

Famous for its pirates back in the day, the grand Port Royal Kingston was once known as the “Wickedest City on Earth.” But today, the Port is a quaint fishing town that is perfect for a relaxing vacation. Its people are private but welcoming to humble visitors who wish to explore and learn more about its history.

Port Royal is also home to or nearby historical sites that you can explore on your visits, such as Fort Charles, built in the 17th century by Lord Horatio Nelson and Sir Admiral Rodney.

  • 1 Day
  • Age 10+
  • Port Royal, Kingston
Destination:Port Royal, Kingston
Departure Time:As Requested
Return Time:4hrs
  • Private transportation
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fees

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